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Kimberly Robinson

Development Committee Kimberly Jenkins Robinson is a professor at the School of Law as well as a professor at both the School of Education and… Read More

Byron Arango

Budget and Audit Committee Originally from Colombia, Byron lives in Annandale and currently works remodeling houses and doing electrical work. In Columbia, Byron was a… Read More

Dean Lhospital
Dean L’hospital

Budget and Audit Committee Co-Chair Dean became interested in LAJC’s advocacy soon after moving to Charlottesville in 2008 and he joined LAJC’s Charlottesville Advisory Council… Read More

Cynthia Neff

President + Development Committee IBM Retired Cynthia is a longtime champion of LAJC and has served as the organization’s Interim Executive Director, Chair of… Read More

Joy Johnson

Vice President + Development Committee  Public Housing Association of Residents The only officer who is not new in her role, Joy has been on… Read More

Bryan Slaughter

Governance Committee MichieHamlett Attorneys at Law  Bryan is a partner at MichieHamlett where he has dedicated his career to representing clients who have suffered a… Read More

Eva Anthony

 Development Committee  Eva Mae Coles Anthony was born in Goochland County, VA to the late Eva Gray Coles and Henry Harrison Coles on December 29,… Read More

Ted Howard

Governance Committee   Wiley Rein LLP Ted Howard is the fulltime Pro Bono Partner at Wiley Rein LLP in Washington, D.C., where he oversees administration… Read More

Tennille Checkovich

Smithfield Foods Tennille currently works with Smithfield Foods and formerly is a litigator and a member of the appeals and issues and class action practice… Read More

Burt Pinnock

 Development Committee  For nearly 30 years, Burt has been a profound voice for creative, compelling, and responsible design in Richmond’s urban landscape, using his career… Read More

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