What We Do

Civil Rights & Racial Justice Program

The Civil Rights & Racial Justice Program (CRRJ) works to end the criminalization of poverty in Virginia by exposing and addressing the injustice that results from criminal legal system policies- from policing decisions to court practices to state-sanctioned barriers to reentry- that target people because of poverty and race.

Economic Justice Program

The Economic Justice Program provides assistance to individuals and families in Central Virginia who face legal dilemmas related to housing, public benefits, employment, healthcare, consumer protection, or the rights of the elderly, and engages in systematic advocacy with and on behalf of low-income people in these issue areas.

JustChildren Program

The JustChildren Program is Virginia’s largest children’s law program. We rely on a range of strategies to make sure the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable young people receive the services and support they need to lead successful lives in their communities.

Immigrant Advocacy Program

Our Immigrant Advocacy program supports low-income immigrants in their efforts to find justice and fair treatment.  In addition to representing clients with individual legal issues, we promote systemic reforms to reduce the abuse and exploitation of immigrants, and advocate for state and local policies that promote integration and protect immigrants from aggressive immigration enforcement.