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We understand that the legal problems of our clients are inextricably linked to overarching systems of injustice and oppression. We combine individual legal representation, impact litigation, communications, policy advocacy, and organizing to achieve community goals.

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The Issues

  • Consumer & Medical Debt

    We fight to protect consumers who have been targeted by predatory businesses and lenders by providing them with legal support and advocating for systemic reforms.

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  • Criminal Legal System

    We advocate alongside those impacted by the criminal legal system against the harms of policing, incarceration, and the court system.

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  • Healthcare & Public Benefits

    We promote health equity by dismantling legal and financial barriers to healthcare access and protecting and advancing people’s rights in the administration of public benefits programs, such as unemployment, food stamps, cash assistance, and disability insurance.

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  • Housing

    We defend tenants’ rights, fight mass eviction, and dismantle legal and other barriers to safe and affordable housing.

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  • Immigration

    We work alongside immigrant communities to fight the deportation, detention, and separation of immigrant families, end ICE abuses of immigrants, and include immigrant youth in state benefits like in-state tuition.

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  • Workplace

    We organize alongside and litigate on behalf of migrant, immigrant, and low-income worker communities across the Commonwealth to advocate for better working pay and working conditions on a local, state, and national scale.

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  • Youth, Family, & Schools

    We provide legal services to youth and families and advocate for changes that keep young people in school, out of the criminal legal and child welfare systems, and protected from discrimination.

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