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We partner with tenants and community organizations to fight for affordable housing, reasonable housing conditions, racial justice in housing, and equitable housing policies. Our services include representing tenants facing eviction and in other landlord/tenant disputes, organizing with tenants experiencing unfair conditions, and advocating for better housing policies across the state. We have a particular focus on supporting tenants in public housing.


Fighting Evictions and Enforcing Tenants Rights

Keeping people in their homes

We work to keep people from being evicted through a combination of representing individual clients, organizing with tenants facing eviction, and fighting for better housing laws. Our goal is not only to fight evictions in the courtroom but to try and prevent them long before a landlord initiates the eviction process with the court. 

We also work to empower tenants by informing them of their legal rights through online resources, canvassing, and in-person events. You can learn more about tenants’ rights in Virginia by following the link below. 

Petersburg Voices Speak Out (PVSO) was formed in September of 2022 by community members in response to the lack of affordable and emergency housing in the City of Petersburg and the surrounding region.

Creating Systemic Change

Fighting for better housing policies

We recognize that the issues clients and community members face  are the result of decades of systemic racism and discriminatory housing policies. We partner with community members and organizations to advocate on the local and state levels for housing policies that will reduce evictions, increase and protect affordable housing, and protect tenants from unjust living conditions.

Need Help with a HOUSING issue?

Please visit our GET HELP page for information on how we may be able to provide assistance.

Explore the sections above for information on your rights and other self-help materials.

Elaine Poon, Deputy Director of Advocay at Eviction Special Session Rally 2020

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