Law School Clinics

Health Law Clinic 2017-2018


In conjunction with the University of Virginia School of Law, our attorneys supervise a wide variety of clinical programs that primarily benefit individuals and families throughout Virginia.


Child Advocacy

Legal Aid Attorneys Amy Walters and Mario Salas supervise law students who help children and their families in the areas of education, juvenile justice, mental health, and foster care.


Legal Aid Attorneys Elaine Poon, Carrie Klosko, and Rachel Nadas supervise the Consumer Law Clinic. Students help represent clients with consumer law issues, such as debt collection and other debt-related issues.


Legal Aid Attorneys Pat Levy-Lavelle, Rachel McFarland, and Jason Yarashes lead the Employment Law Clinic, which focuses on employee claims arising out of the employment relationship including unpaid wage litigation and poor employment conditions.

Health and Disability 

Legal Aid Attorney Amy Walters supervises law students as they represent disabled and elderly clients in legal matters such as access to healthcare or rehabilitative services, disability benefits claims, planning for incapacity and/or death, and the provision of healthcare in institutional settings.  


Legal Aid Attorney Deena Sharuk supervises law students who represent immigrants on issues relating to asylum, visa problems, deportation, and citizenship.

Litigation and Housing 

Legal Aid attorneys Rachel McFarland and Carrie Klosko supervise the Litigation and Housing Clinic. Students represent clients in a variety of landlord-tenant disputes and handle other housing matters related to both private and subsidized housing. 

Civil Rights

Legal Aid Attorneys Angela Ciolfi, Adeola Ogunkeyede, and Wyatt Rolla supervise the Civil Rights Clinic. This clinic focuses on the relationship between race and poverty in America, and students work on legal matters addressing the decriminalization of poverty and other forms of discrimination and deprivation of rights in Virginia.


Legal Aid Justice Center is interested in collaborating with law schools in the D.C. and Richmond metro areas.  Please contact Amy Walters, Attorney and Clinic Coordinator, at

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