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Join Petersburg Voices Speak Out (PVSO)!

Petersburg Voices Speak Out (PVSO) was formed in September of 2022 by community members in response to the lack of affordable and emergency housing in the City of Petersburg and the surrounding region.

Our Mission

To amplify the voices of Petersburg and the surrounding region. To partner with community leaders, service providers, and advocacy orgs in support of our individuals & families in need. We’re not limited to only addressing housing. Whatever the need, the PVSO wants to create a safe space for folks to join the fight for justice, equity, and fairness!

Current Priorities:

Our current priorities are conditions and accountability in Petersburg public housing and the formation of a city-wide Tenants’ Organization to provide information and resources that will assist and empower residents to advocate for basic housing and human rights.

Get Involved!

We urge residents who have been or are currently impacted by housing insecurity to become an official member or supporter of the PVSO to help make Petersburg better for everyone! Fill out the form below and someone from PVSO will be in touch.

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