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Omari Al-Qadaffi

Community organizer, Omari Al-Qadaffi, works to address systemic issues driving inequity in the City of Richmond. Leveraging past careers in software engineering and sales, Omari is skilled in organizing resources to solve complex problems as well as communicating those concerns and solutions to diverse groups.  His belief that the exclusion of communities from public and private resources in specific geographies is the cause of generational poverty, food deserts, and other socioeconomic and health disparities prompted him to found the advocacy group, Leaders Of the New South – Community Council as well as the Richmond Food Justice Alliance. He currently works as a Housing Organizer in Legal Aid Justice Center’s Economic Justice Program tackling housing instability and ensuring legal representation for impacted residents. Omari is a Richmond native and has been recognized as one of Style Magazine’s Top 40 under 40 as well as a Richmond Public Schools Outstanding Parent Of the Year. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Virginia Commonwealth University.


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