Harold Folley

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Harold joined LAJC as an organizer in January 2018. He is the Civil Rights & Racial Justice organizer with an emphasis on Police Accountability. He has been working with a Coalition to make law enforcement more accountable and transparent. Harold has been organizing for 15 years in the Virginia and the Charlottesville area.  He has worked on federal issues such as Social Security and tax reform and state issues such as restoration of civil rights and health care and important local issues such as Ban the Box and living wages. In all of this efforts, Harold works to get the people to become more aware of what’s going on in the world and more importantly with their surroundings. Harold believes that everyone is a leader; they just have to believe in themselves so that they can lead. He strives to make changes throughout the communities to make them better for the inner-city youth. Harold once coordinated the Westhaven Afterschool Program in the Westhaven community (a low-income African-American community) for eight years. The Afterschool Program created a safe learning environment for the children of the Westhaven community.



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