Emily C. Dreyfus

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Emily joined LAJC in 2000, bringing two decades of experience directing programs and implementing many successful community organizing campaigns with non-profit organizations. She is dedicated to racial and economic justice, and deeply appreciates all she has learned from community members. As a community organizer, Emily connects individuals to our statewide efforts to dismantle the Preschool to Prison Pipeline.  She also coordinated efforts to draw attention to the “graduation gaps” in Virginia, ultimately leading to a successful JustChildren campaign resulting in statewide accountability and incentives to increase graduation rates. She championed the need for user-friendly Procedural Safeguards, a document school divisions are required to give to parents of children with disabilities.  Due to this campaign, hundreds of thousands of families have benefited by learning more about their children’s rights. Emily also works locally with the Public Housing Association of Residents and with other low-income Charlottesville residents, including members of the Friendship Court Residents Association. These efforts have contributed to leadership development among often under-represented people, and resulted in improved safety, housing security and supportive services for our most vulnerable neighbors, as well as increasing public awareness of the impact of gentrification and the extreme shortage of affordable housing for very low-income people. Emily is a graduate of the College of William and Mary.


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