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Elsie Delva

Elsie Delva (she/her) joined the LAJC in January 2023 as the Office Manager and Paralegal for the Richmond and Petersburg offices. Elsie is Haitian-American and originally from Miami, Fl (“Little Haiti”/Liberty City area). She has lived in the Northern Neck of Virginia for 12 years. Elsie has earned a B.S. in Criminology from Florida State University, a B.S. in Psychology from Florida State University, and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Florida International University. She is working on her Ph.D. dissertation, which addresses some aspects of bail reform related to indigent groups.

Elsie brings over 16 years of experience in several areas, including management, victim advocacy, diversity, equity, and belonging. Elsie is excited and passionate about the mission of the LAJC and embraces all “troublemakers” for positive change.

Outside work, Elsie is the mother of a 20-year-old son, a 10-year-old son, twin 9-year-old daughters & 2-year Soleil (Pitbull mix whose name means sunshine/sun in Haitian Kreyol; however, her personality is far from sunny). Elsie enjoys all things Purple, Fall, Food & Festive!

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