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Amanda Shelton

Amanda Shelton is a Richmond, VA native and a US Navy Veteran. While in the Navy, Amanda served as a Career Counselor and Training Officer. While serving in this capacity, Amanda developed a strong passion for helping others with professional and personal goals as well as a desire to advocate. After the military, Amanda worked for several government and private sectors where she trained, created corporate policies, and assisted attorneys with case management and legal matters. In the community, Amanda served on the Financial Empowerment Committee under the leadership of Madam Nichole Armstead, Treasurer of the City of Richmond. This committee was dedicated to the financial empowerment of minority men and women. Amanda was also named the 2018 Veterans Women in Action, a title awarded by the McGuire Veterans Administration for her tireless and selfless acts of service assisting and connecting homeless veterans with resources and aid.  Amanda holds a bachelor’s degree in business from ECPI University where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. Amanda is extremely excited to join and be apart of the Legal Aid Justice team where she will continue to make a difference and advocate for those in her community.

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