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Partnering to Reduce Minority Suspensions

Henrico County Public Schools (HCPS) and the Legal Aid Justice Center are proud to announce a new partnership designed to reduce the disparities in suspension rates among minority students and students with disabilities attending HCPS middle schools. The partnership is the result of more than nine months of collaboration to further develop and enhance Henrico’s existing efforts.

The agreement provides that:

  • HCPS will partner with an independent consultant to implement effective strategies for reducing the number of suspensions overall and closing the gaps in suspension rates;
  • HCPS will continue giving quarterly presentations to its School Board pertaining to discipline;
  • HCPS will determine whether appropriate prevention and intervention plans have been developed in accordance with School Board policy;
  • The Legal Aid Justice Center and HCPS agree to resolve issues pertaining to disproportionality in discipline through collaborative efforts.


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