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We fight to ensure that immigrant communities remain intact and protected in Virginia, fight the separation of immigrant families and the exclusion of immigrants from state benefits like in-state tuition, and protect immigrants across the Commonwealth whether they are in federal custody or in their communities. We partner with local community members and community organizations in addition to national advocacy organizations to promote systemic reforms reducing the abuse and exploitation of immigrants, and to advocate for policies that promote integration and protection of immigrant communities.

Our Work


Fighting for a world in which people are not jailed for seeking protection

We fight to end immigration detention in Virginia. We also work to ensure immigrants do not face a second harsher punishment for criminal charges and convictions and to make sure detention is not a death sentence because of conditions within detention center walls or policies that harm detainees.  

We use individual representation, impact and class-action litigation, community organizing, and policy advocacy to fight for those locked behind bars by ICE in Virginia.

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