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  1. Did a car dealer talk you into a loan that you didn’t understand and can’t afford? 
  1. Are you making costly payments on a car that you purchased and financed at a “buy here, pay here” dealership? 
  1. Did you go to a car dealer to buy a car that you saw advertised for one price only to be told when you got to the dealer that you would have to pay a higher price? 
  1. After you purchased and financed a car, did the dealer: 
  • Ask you days or weeks later to come back in and sign another contract for a different price or interest  
  • Tell you that you did not qualify for financing after all and repossess your car? 

If any of these have happened to you, the Legal Aid Justice Center may be able to help.  You have rights under Virginia and Federal consumer protection that may have been violated.  You only have one year after the car sale to bring a claim under some of these consumer protection laws so don’t delay getting help. 

The Legal Aid Justice Center provides free legal services to people who are eligible based on several factors including income.  Please call the Legal Aid Justice Center if you would like to see if you are eligible to consult with an attorney about a bad car deal like those described above. 

You can also fill out the form below to tell us about your situation and an LAJC staff member will reach out as soon as possible. Please note that filling out this form does not mean that LAJC will represent you on your issue. If you have any questions please call your local LAJC office.

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