Unemployment Insurance during COVID-19

Legal Aid Justice Center’s
COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance Advocacy Project

We want to improve the unemployment system.

We are not accepting individual cases, but we are looking to identify systemic issues in the Virginia Unemployment Insurance system. If you would like to help us identify issues, please leave a brief description of what you’d like us to know.

You may leave contact information but due to call volume it is unlikely we will be able to call you back.

We have not accepted your case.

If you have a pending claim with deadlines, you alone are responsible for those deadlines. 

The VEC administers unemployment claims and has answers to many questions on its website https://www.vec.virginia.gov/. The VEC also has a customer call center, at (866) 832-2363, and may be able to answer your specific questions. Please check both of these resources before contacting us.

If you live in Legal Aid Justice Center’s service areas around Charlottesville, Richmond, and Fall Church (see specific services areas here) and have things you think we should know about unemployment insurance claims in Virginia please complete the form below.

If you have a claim and pending deadlines, you are responsible for meeting those deadlines.

If you cannot complete the form below, please call (434) 956-3089 to provide this information.

Please tell us about any issues you have had in applying or receiving unemployment insurance.

While our offices remain closed to walk-ins, we're still here to help. Contact Us