Protect Poultry Workers in Virginia

Thousands of workers across Virginia have been classified as essential and, because of their work, the lives of millions of people can be as normal as possible during theCOVID-19 pandemic. Among these essential workers are hundreds of workers in the poultry industry, from those who catchthese birds on the farms to those who process them inthe plants.

The working conditions of these workerslong hours standing on production lines next to each other in a closed environmentis a petri dish for the coronavirus to be transmitted between workers in a fast and, often, fatal way. 

The Virginia poultry industry is on the brink of becoming the next Smithfield in South Dakota, or Tysons in Georgia. Wcannot and should not wait for this to happenThe longer we delay, the greater the consequences will be for our communities. 

This is why Legal Aid Justice Center has joined forces with Virginia Organizing, Community Solidarity with Poultry Workers, Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy and the UFCW Local 400, as well as workers and community leaders, to call on ourlocal and state government and poultry processing plants throughout theCommonwealth to take the following measures to protect the lives of these essential poultry workers. 

Help for workers


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Act now in support of poultry workers!

Fill out this form below to send an email to Governor Northam, Commissioner Oliver, Attorney General Herring, Commissioner Davenport, and Director Graham. 

Put pressure on poultry plants in our state. Call now!

George’s Chicken Harrisonburg 540-4330720 

Tyson Harrisonburg 540-433-0146  

Shenandoah Valley Organics Harrisonburg 540-4338400 

Perdue Bridgewater 540-828-7700 

Pilgrim’s Pride/JBS  Timberville  540-896-7000 

New Market Poultry 540-740-4260 

Virginia Poultry Grower Co-op VPGC Hinton 540-867-4000 

Cargill Dayton 540-879-2521 

Tyson Temperanceville: 757824-3471, ask to be connected to Marcus Northway 

Perdue Accomac: 757787-5200, ask to be connected to Human Resources 


Sample script: 

Hi, my name is_________. I am calling to express my urgent concern about poultry workers’ safety and the safety of the whole community during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am asking that your plant comply with CDC recommendations to: 

  • Increase physical distancing between people to six feet.  
  • Everyone should wear masks.  
  • Implement rules for wash hands frequently and provide an abundance of hand sanitizer. 
  • Do not share equipment.  
  • Routine and frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and equipment and cleaning and disinfecting facilities after confirmed COVID-19 exposure.  
  • Encourage routine, staggered breaks, and institute social distancing policies in the break rooms and lunchrooms.  
  • Emergency sick leave policies. Even if you are exempt from federal laws, we request that you follow the federal act paid sick leave and expand family and medical leave provisions to all workers in your plants 
  • Employees who have symptoms of COVID-19 or have a family member at their home should notify their supervisor and stay home and follow CDC recommended precautions.  
  • Sick employees should not return to work until the criteria to discontinue home isolation are met. 
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