Gifts of Stock

With the longest bull market in U.S. history and the S&P 500 at an all-time high, now is a good time to consider turning your securities into a charitable contribution. It is also an important moment in our history to support Legal Aid Justice Center and the people we serve, as LAJC staff members work to protect and amplify the voices of low-income individuals in Virginia.

Consider making a meaningful and generous contribution to LAJC while possibly avoiding capital gains. The tax advantages of giving stock may be better than making an outright gift. We recommend speaking with your financial advisor. If you should have any questions about making an in-kind donation of stock, or are in the process of making one, please contact or call 434-529-1817.

To make an electronic transfer of stock to be donated to the Legal Aid Justice Center, you will need the below information:

The broker will need the Truist Investment Services Electronic Transfer or DTC Number: 0226

The broker will also need the Legal Aid Justice Center Undesignated Account Number: WA7035996

Please ask your broker to notify Scott & Stringfellow that “the gift is from ________________”

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