RISE for Youth

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Virginia’s use of large juvenile prisons places the safety and security of our communities and our young people at risk, but we have the opportunity to put youth back on track – not just behind bars. The Re-invest in Supportive Environments (RISE) for Youth campaign is a bipartisan coalition effort to develop a continuum of community-based alternatives to incarceration that will keep juvenile justice system involved youth in their homes and connected to their support networks while making our communities safer.

Virginia needs a juvenile justice system where young people are held accountable for their actions while still given the opportunity to turn their lives around and make valuable contributions to our state. We need a system that keeps young people in the communities that can support them, surrounded by the families that love them, and where they have a real shot at rehabilitation.

Bottom line: large juvenile prisons are not working for Virginia and should be closed. We can do better. By closing Virginia’s juvenile prisons and reinvesting the savings from their closure into proven, common sense, community-based alternatives, such as wraparound therapy, probation and small secure facilities, we can improve the lives of children as well as the safety of our citizens. Learn more at www.RISEforYouth.org.