Suspended Drivers’ Licenses

Resources – Self-Help:

     Information about our lawsuit and it’s potential to impact your situation can be found here:  

We have a variety of materials to help you if you have a suspended license…or if you want to help someone in that situation. The materials available when you click this link will tell you about the process that you’ll follow if you want to try to restore your driver’s license. They will point you in the right direction to learn where you owe fines, how much you owe and how to get on a payment plan to take care of your court debt.  It’s all designed to help you “do it yourself.”

Start with our simple “one-page” self help guide.  With the basics covered via our one-page guide, you can also refer to our “toolkit.”  This will give you more detail on each step on the license restoration process. Key links to useful DMV pages and to court payment plans are also there for you in this section.  The toolkit will be available soon.

Media Coverage 2017, Media Coverage 2016, Support for the Complaint and Plaintiff Stories

Our lawsuit has generated a lot of media attention.  So much in fact that we separated news coverage into two “Media Coverage” sections: one for 2017 and one for 2016.  In addition, many newspapers have lent their editorial support to our goal of changing how courts deal with court debt.  These positive editorials as well as other Support for the Complaint can be seen here.

We’ve isolated articles which share the personal stories of some of our plaintiffs.  In Plaintiff Stories. the focus is on people who are dealing with the same issues resulting from court debt as you are. 

Legal Filings:

Our lawsuit was filed on July 7, 2016 on behalf of four plaintiffs, folks perhaps very much like you in that each is adversely affected by their own court debt situation. All of our court filings on their behalf, the defendant’s filings, and all court opinions can be found using this link.


The information on this site is not legal advice.  The materials available here are available as sources of information only.  

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