Advisory Councils

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The Legal Aid Justice Center receives support, guidance and perspective from distinguished groups of citizens in each of the three regions we serve. These groups include local attorneys, past Legal Aid lawyers, and civic leaders who help us with fundraising and event planning. From time to time, we also form ad hoc committees to assist with major efforts in our growth as an organization.

Ed Bain Jr.
Melanie Benjamin
Herb Beskin
Jonathan Blank
Alan Cohn
John Conover
Llezelle Dugger
Kathryn Duvall
Kimberly Emery
Brock Green
Laurel Reiman Henneman
Tracey Hopper
Elvira Tate Hoskins
Dean Lhospital
Edward Lowry
Peter McIntosh
Deb McMahon
Molly McShane
Wes Myhre
Cynthia Neff
Marijean Oldham
Rozanne Oliver
Rick Richmond
Bryan Slaughter
Valarie Tutuh
Elizabeth Woodard

Scottie Brown
Ann T. Burks
Tara Casey
Tennille Checkovich
Lucy Davis
Angie Dempsey
Cristi Head
Eppa Hunton VI
Harry M. “Pete”Johnson III
Suzanne Long
Joel McClellan
Mary Napier
Veronica Neisler
Lonnie D. “Chip” Nunley III
John M. Oakey, Jr.
Andrea Parisi
Burt Pinnock
Thomas G. Slater, Jr.

Elizabeth Arledge
Kendall Bills
Paul Brinkman
Ofelia Calderon
Jessica Childress
Ariana Flores
Ted Howard
Andrew Howlett
Kristi Kelly
John King
Juan Milanes
William Reichhardt
Kelly Voss