Tell your Senator to vote YES on SB5017 (Boysko) to expand Virginia's oversight of ICE detention centers!

The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the horrendous conditions of immigrant detention centers across the United States. As of August 2020, ICA-Farmville and Caroline County Detention Center have totaled hundreds of positive COVID-19 cases and one death, with an overwhelming concentration of cases in ICA-Farmville (full story here). These alarming conditions have been met with calls from immigrants, community leaders, and elected officials for more accountability in the name of those detained who continue to suffer behind walls. 

For this August’s special session, Senator Boysko has submitted bill SB5017 to change the Commonwealth’s definition of “local correctional facility” to include these detention centers as it relates to health inspections and open pathways for more accountability and more transparency (WVTF report here). We need your support to ensure this bill gets past the Senate Floor!

Fill out the form below to call your Senator, then send a tweet tagging them and asking them to #Protect Immigrants and support SB5017

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