Media Coverage – 2018

Our class action suit, information-rich reports, and the real life stories of our plaintiffs and those of others whose lives have been adversely impacted by the loss of their driver’s licenses as a result of unpaid court costs and fines have been some of the areas that have garnered attention from media outlets in Virginia and around the nation.

On this page, we present media pick-ups from 2018.  Most of the news coverage and editorial support that appeared early in 2018 focused on our Driving on Empty report published in January 2018.  That report provided an update on our 2016 study (Driven Deeper into Debt) on the issue of driver’s license suspensions in Virginia. 

The media coverage of our class action lawsuit and our 2016 and 2017 reports was substantial.  You can find chronologically arranged media coverage prior to 2018 by clicking on the buttons below:

January to March 2018

March 3           “House panel puts off bill to repeal law on court fines, driver’s licenses” (Roanoke Times)

February 26     “Court debt drives suspensions of almost a million Virginians’ licenses” (Winchester Star)

February 9       “New report: Reforms to help drivers with suspended licenses not working” (Richmond Free Press)

February 6       “Virginia holds drivers’ licenses hostage” (The Declaration, Grayson County, VA)

February 5       “Editorial: Virginia is punishing the poor — and perpetuating their poverty” (Washington Post)

January 31       “Year after ruling, 1 in 6 Virginia drivers still has suspended license” (, Richmond)

January 29       “Editorial: Virginia’s system of holding driver’s licenses hostage” (The Virginia Pilot)

January 28       “Editorial: Court reforms must be applied to be effective” (The Daily Progress)

January 26       “Editorial: Virginia still needs to fix its Catch-22 on court fines” (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

January 26       “Driven out: Report finds reforms haven’t fixed Virginia’s license suspension crisis” (Williamsburg Yorktown Daily)

January 24       “Report: 1 in 6 Va. drivers have suspended licenses partly due to unpaid court debt” (Washington Post)

January 24       “Report: Virginia Court Reforms Don’t Ease License Suspensions” (WVIR-TV, Charlottesville)

January 24       “A Year After Reforms, Virginia Still Suspends Nearly 1 Million Driver’s Licenses For Court Debts” (The Reason)

January 24       “Year after rule change, 1 in 6 driver’s licenses suspended in Virginia” (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

January 11       “5 Unexpected Ways to Lose Your Driver’s License” (How Stuff Works)

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