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In order to help your neighbors in need, we take on as many cases as our resources allow. We also represent their interests by identifying systemic problems and advocating for change.

Yet, even in times of relative prosperity, the civil legal needs of many people in your community go unmet. If you believe that “justice for all” means equal and accessible justice for everyone, please join our efforts by making a tax-deductible contribution.

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Economic Justice
Settled a lawsuit on behalf of more than 500 public housing tenants in Petersburg who were unlawfully overcharged for utilities, and filed similar case in Charlottesville alleging that as many as 2,000 residents have lost more than $400,000 in illegal and excessive fees.

2011 report examining school discipline, “Educate Every Child,” inspired greater scrutiny of discipline policies, a statewide focus on alternatives to suspension, and a new state law requiring public schools to make discipline disparities public.

Immigrant Advocacy
Expanded their pioneering work on behalf of immigrants, coordinating efforts to seek “deferred action” for hundreds of young immigrant Virginians, reviving hope that they can live and work legally in the U.S. without fear of deportation.

Elder Law
Launched a national campaign to prohibit the misuse and over-diagnosis of antipsychotic and psychotropic drugs in nursing homes and other institutions.

Institutionalized Persons
Forced the Virginia Department of Corrections to look at solitary confinement policies and begin to implement meaningful change in the living conditions of prisoners.

Pro Bono
Helped build JusticeServer, an online case management prototype that allows far greater outreach to pro bono lawyers, thus increasing the number of clients served and better matching clients with lawyers specializing in their type of case.