Educate Every Child – Take Action


Legislators, administrators, parents, students, and advocates all have a role to play in reforming school discipline practices and creating classroom environments where all students can learn and succeed.

The General Assembly should pass legislation and budget items that reduce harsh discipline practices and encourage continued academic progress when students are suspended or expelled. They should:

  • Adopt the Educate Every Child bill, which provides educational alternatives to suspended and expelled youth and a behavioral intervention plan for those suspended ten days or more during the school year.
  • Pass a budget amendment to support the Educate Every Child legislation.
  • Increase funding for positive behavioral intervention programs, which have been shown to reduce misbehavior and improve school climate.

State Administrators should:

  • Adopt a statewide model code-of-conduct that encourages alternatives to suspension and limits the type of offenses that could result in suspension and expulsion.
  • Adopt a model MOU between police and schools that limits the role of police in school discipline matters and encourages data tracking and targeted interventions to reduce court referrals.

Local Administrators should:

  • Create discipline policy review committees that bring stakeholders together to develop new school codes-of-conduct incorporating more constructive approaches to managing misbehavior.
  • Apply for state funding to implement positive behavioral interventions in high-suspending schools.
  • Develop or revise MOUs between schools and police to clarify the role of school resource officers in discipline matters.

Parents, Students, and Advocates should:

  • Join the Educate Every Child Coalition.
  • Sign up to receive emails to take action during the legislative session.
  • Call your local administrators and legislators and tell them to support positive school discipline reform.
  • Testify in front of the General Assembly in support of positive school discipline reform.


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