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Is Your Virginia Driver’s License Currently Suspended Due to Unpaid Court Costs and Fines?

Thanks for visiting our website.  We want to hear from Virginians whose licenses are suspended because they’ve been unable to pay court debt.  Answer a few questions and hit the SUBMIT button below:

If you don’t tell us your phone number or email address,                                                              we can’t get in touch to speak with you!  Please hit SUBMIT below!

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I am submitting this form because I want to share my story, and I understand that I may not receive any response. I understand that if I need legal help, I should contact an attorney as soon as possible. I may look for help by contacting the Virginia Lawyer Referral Service at (800) 552-7977, or by contacting another attorney. Additionally, Drive to Work is able to assist some individuals with this type of legal situation, and can be reached at (877) 358-6727.

If you want more information about the problem of court debt driver’s license suspensions, or want access to self-help resources, you may wish to visit

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